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A Kansas City native , is one of the founding members of Headz Up. Established in 1997, R.D.'s influences were the Beatles, Jimi Hendrix and Eric Clapton. 
R.D has played throughout the Kansas City music scene  for over 40 years. His playing style is his own which brings a special dynamic in his performance, and his warm personality makes for a perfect fit in being a musician and friend.

            John Gutieriz
     Keyboards, vocals, flute
Originally from
 Cleveland , Ohio ,
Beau spent many years in the Cleveland music scene both performing in local bands and as a session player throughout the east coast. His influences growing up were Ringo Starr, and John Bonham. He has now made an impact in the Kansas City market with his dynamic "Bonham" style drumming making him one of Kansas City's premier rock drummers. "Drums were made to be hit and hit hard".
       R.D Snow
   Guitar, Vocals

A Kansas City native, also a
founding member of the group. Mike is an extremely
talented musician and songwriter.  His credits not only include throughout the state but overseas as well. 
He has performed with numerous musicians in KC and when not playing with HeadzUp he continues creating and perfecting his vas library of original material.

  Beau Zoellner
  Drums, Vocals
A Kansas City native,  also a founding member of the group.
John has also played throughout the Kansas City music scene for over 40 years. John's personality is reflected in each song performed. Whether it be serious in nature or calling for that humorous touch.
His music influences span throughout the decades and his love for performing is evident. "Long live Rock and Roll and long live live music"
Michael Angelo Nigro
Bass, Vocals